Infinitude (2016)
Habitat (2013)
Treelines (2010)
Flurry (2007)
Look Left (2006)
A Shorter Distance (2002)
Collage (2000)

Infinitude [Ingrid & Christine Jensen​, with Ben Mondor]

***2018 JUNO AWARD NOMINEE for Best Jazz Album***

Catalog number: WR4694
Label: Whirlwind Recordings
Released: 2016/10/28
More information / to purchase (lable site):  Whirlwind Recordings

Ingrid Jensen - trumpet, effects, kalimba and melodica
Christine Jensen - alto & soprano saxophones
Ben Monder - guitars
Fraser Hollins - double bass
Jon Wikan - drums

1. Blue Yonder (7:09)
2. Swirlaround (8:28)
3. Echolalia (9:18)
4. Octofolk (6:52)
5. Duo Space (5:37)
6. Old Time (5:52)
7. Hopes Trail (5:34)
8. Trio: Garden Hour (4:18)
9. Margareta (7:39)
10. Dots and Braids (7:07)

From Whirlwind Recordings:

Infinitude – the concept of boundless possibility – is at the center of the music of Ingrid and Christine Jensen. Over the past twenty years or so, as trumpeter and saxophonist respectively, the West Canadian sisters have each shaped prolific careers in contemporary jazz, collaborating with influential names such as Clark Terry, Maria Schneider and Terry Lynn Carrington, working with large and small ensembles, and responding to various commissions to compose for jazz orchestras around the globe.

For their Whirlwind debut, the Jensens have realized a long-held ambition – to write for and perform in the more intimate setting of a quintet, combining their intuitive, sibling trust with the creativity of renowned guitarist Ben Monder and the foundational artistry of bassist Fraser Hollins and drummer Jon Wikan. [continued]



***2014 JUNO AWARD WINNER for Best Jazz Contemporary Album***

Catalog number: JTR 8583
Label: Justin Time Records
Released: 2013/10/01
More information / to purchase (lable site):  Justin Time Records

Personnel - Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra (alphabetical):
Muhammad Abdul Al-Khabyyr - trombone
Ken Bibace - Electric guitar
Samuel Blais - clarinet, baritone sax
Jocelyn Couture - trumpet
Chet Doxas - clarinet, tenor sax
Aron Doyle - trumpet
Bob Ellis - bass trombone
Dave Gossage - Native American flute
David Grott - trombone
Fraser Hollins - double bass
Erik Hove - flute, alto sax
Richard Irwin - drums
Christine Jensen - conductor, soprano sax
Ingrid Jensen - trumpet
Donny Kennedy - flute, alto sax, soprano sax
Bill Mahar - trumpet
Dave Martin - euphonium, tuba
Joel Miller - clarinet, tenor sax
Dave Mossing - trumpet
John Roney - piano
Jean-Nicolas Trottier - trombone

1. Treelines (11:39)
2. Tumbledown (10:28)
3. Blue Yonder (7:53)
4. Nishiyuu (14:57)
5. Intersection (11:32)
6. Sweet Adelphi (10:24)

Press release

From Justin Time Records:

Montreal-based composer-saxophonist and bandleader Christine Jensen and her 19-piece jazz orchestra will release her highly anticipated sophomore album entitled Habitat, on October 3rd on Justin-Time Records. As a follow-up to her critically acclaimed and Juno-award winning album, Treelines (2010), Habitat expands on Jensen’s viewpoint as a composer and improviser. “Always a compelling writer, capable of strong lyricism combined with harmonic invention and plenty of narrative twists and turns, Jensen's music not only impresses on a first encounter, but reveals more with each and every listen.” (John Kelman-All About Jazz).



***2011 JUNO AWARD WINNER for Best Jazz Contemporary Album***

Catalog number: JTR 8559
Label: Justin Time Records
Released: 2010/02/16
More information / to purchase (lable site):  Justin Time Records

Repertoire notes (pdf)

Video (YouTube)

Available at: iTunes       eMusic

Ingrid Jensen - trumpet
Special guest soloist:
Christine Jensen - saxophone
18-piece jazz orchestra, featuring:
Martin Auguste (drums)
Chet Doxas, Joel Miller, Eric Hove (saxophones)
Jean-Nicolas Trottier, David Grott (trombones)
Steve Amirault (piano)
Fraser Hollins (bass)
and others.

1. Dancing Sunlight (11:20)
2. Arbutus (6:51)
3. Red Cedar (9:53)
4. Western Yew (10:55)
5. Dropoff (9:10)
6. Dark And Stormy Blues (9:23)
7. Seafever (7:05)
8. Vernal Suite (9:28)

Reviews: La Presse, Hour, Voir, Ottawa Citizen,

From Justin Time Records:

"While she's influenced by the lavish and sensual arrangements of Maria Schneider and Gil Evans, Christine adds something deeper and often darker to the mix."…full of amazing changes and charts where solos were an outgrowth of the innovative compositions..." Juan Rodriguez, The Montreal Gazette

Christine Jensen is excited to present new works with her 18-piece jazz orchestra, featuring some of Canada's most progressive improvising musicians, including Martin Auguste (drums), Chet Doxas, Joel Miller, Eric Hove (saxophones), Jean-Nicolas Trottier, David Grott (trombones), Steve Amirault (piano), Fraser Hollins (bass) and Jocelyn Couture (trumpet), along with Ingrid Jensen as guest soloist. Jensen's compositions focus on subjects that attempt to depict the spirit of Canada's pristine environment. While she has devoted her time to producing and touring her quartet internationally over the past ten years, she has continually augmented her music at home, transporting her compositions through the use of her orchestra
- A homage to Canada's environment, this unique project is certain to garner praise for it's timely and important subtext: protecting the unique forests of our magnificent country.
- Features some of the brightest lights in Canadian jazz



Catalog number: 0062
Label: Artist Share
Released: 2007/01/01
More information / to purchase

Personnel (Nordic Connection):
Ingrid Jensen - trumpet
Christine Jensen - saxophone
Maggi Olin - piano
Mattias Welin - bass
Jon Wikan - drums

1. Flurry (9:02)
2. Sweet Adelphi (9:50)
3. Things I Love (8:44)
4. Sweet Dream (7:38)
5. Garden Hour (3:22)
6. Seascape (1:33)
7. Seafever (7:36)
8. Cowboy (7:14)
9. Breathe/Quadr'l (12:21)

Reviews: All About Jazz, AMG,



Catalog number: FND062
Label: Effendi Records
Released: 2006/08/15
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Christine Jensen - alto & soprano saxophones
Dave Restivo - piano
Ken Bibace - guitar
Fraser Hollins - acoustic ba

1 Upper Fargo (8:04)
2 Cedar (7:17)
3 Capers Papers (7:20)
4 Keping Up Appearances (9:55)
5 Promenade (6:56)
6 A Tree Thing (5:04)
7 Mark Adam Drum  (5:46)
8 For Tom Harrell (8:04)
9 Look Left (6:01)

Review: All About Jazz



Catalog number: FND030
Label: Effendi Records
Released: 2002
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Christine Jensen - alto & soprano saxophones
Ingrid Jensen - trumpet, flugelhorn
Joel Miller - tenor saxophone
Ken Bibace - guitar
John Sadowy - piano
Fraser Hollins - double bass
Jon Wikan - drum

1 Dilemna (7:16)
2 Halfway Home (8:48)
3 Just Last Week (7:42)
4 A Shorter Distance (10:54)
5 Red Roads (8:45)
6 Backyard (8:39)
7 I Loves You Porgy (5:20)
8 Chelsea Rain (7:32)

Reviews: All About Jazz,



Nomination for the best jazz album of the year at OPUS 2001

Catalog number: FND008
Label: Effendi Records
Released: 2000
To purchase

Christine Jensen : saxophones
Ingrid Jensen : trumpet, fluegel
Joel Miller : tenor sax
Brad Turner : piano & rhodes
Fraser Hollins : bass
Karl Jannuska : drums

1 Camel Trot (10:06)
2 A La Jay (7:20)
3 Summer Night (9:24)
4 Sylvan Vale (3:50)
5 Sweet Adelphi (8:07)
6 Afternoon Off (9:32)
7 Half Tide (9:19)
8 Duet (1:45)
9 Marsh Blues (7:37)

Reviews: All About Jazz


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